Pressed Flower Jewellery

A little bit of spring to brighten up dull winter days!

Pressed flowers make unusual and pretty pendants and can be worn on their own or as part of a necklace.  A patch of celandines at the bottom of my garden formed the inspiration for this piece.  The flower is mounted on card and set in resin within a wire frame. The necklace is made up of simple glass and wooden beads in co-ordinating colours as I didn’t want to detract from the pendant.  See my up and coming article in Beads and Beyond November issue for how to make this pendant.


Pressed Leaves

Autumn is nearly upon us and I am looking forward to going out hunting for the pretty leaves when they fall to the ground.  A lovely orange leaf formed the focus for this necklace which is mounted on card and set in Glossy Accents resin within a wire frame.

Made with the pressed leaf as a focus. Co-ordinating beads and dangles finish the necklace. Fabric Leaves also add texture to the piece.



China Shard Jewellery


Something broken ……..something new!

China shards make lovely jewellery – and are a really nice way to salvage something broken especially if it is an item you are really fond of. The attached necklace was made from pieces of a favourite bowl which smashed on my kitchen floor.  I couldn’t bear to throw the pieces away and kept them in case they ‘came in useful’.  Then one day I had a brainwave and decided to drill the china pieces and make them into a necklace.  Drilling the china with my little multitool drill wasn’t easy but once done I mixed the china shards with some lovely acrylic beads and some lovely cream coloured beads to make a necklace. 

It was so satisfying to know that I had made something pretty from this bowl which I was really very fond of.