Celebrate mysterious Autumn

Driving to Swaffham yesterday through the cloudy misty countryside I was struck with the mysterious ethereal quality of these quiet autumn days. In the soft grey light the autumn colours – reds, greens, golds – glowed so that the hedgerows seemed alive with colour – the dim light seeming to enhance their brilliance.

Inspired by this I went home and cut some leaves in green and gold out of some fabric paper I had made with the intention of making them into an autumn necklace.  The pattern is forming in my mind at the moment – just a few practical details to sort out.

Varnished and drying – waiting to be made into a necklace!

A Little Piece of Theatre

Inspired by a visit to a friend who makes costumes for the local drama group I came up with this bracelet made with one of my current favourite mediums – fabric paper.  The flower at the centre was cut off an old shoe and formed the basis of the design which reflects the autumn colours appearing in the woods and fields around my home.  A real party piece! 

The Struggle

Hello all fellow artists, writers, designers etc. etc.

Having spent several days working on a flower brooch which didn’t look right whatever I did to it I wonder whether any of you have felt that frustrated feeling when you think you’ll never get there but somewhere deep inside you, you know you just have to keep on trying.

Well this has happened to me over the last few days but the light finally dawned and I realised that it just needed something more to make it look less boring! 

I found a scrap of old fabric bought with a bag of ‘scraps’ on a market stall gathered it into a flower shape and I’ve sewn it into the flower around the original centre and hey presto suddenly I feel I’ve cracked it! 

Persistence rewarded!

What a relief!