Which is the most neglected item of jewellery?

Four ways to brighten up that dark winter coat

You may or may not agree with me, but I find that brooches are the most neglected items of jewellery.  Charity shops are full of them and they sit forgotten in jewellery boxes and drawers.  However as an item of jewellery they have real value when it comes to brightening up those dark winter coats that we muffle ourselves up in once the nights draw in and the days become cold and drear. 

They are also great fun to make and are a good way to use up scraps of fabric and pieces of broken jewellery. I attach some pictures of some brooches I have made and wear on my dark winter coat when I feel in need of a lift. 

They are all made out of pieces of scrap fabric from my stash except the large corsage flower (bottom left) which has been made out of fabric paper.  Buttons make ideal centres for flowers.

If you fancy adding a bit of glamour to a dark winter day, why not have a rummage through your stash and see what you can make?

Until next time …………enjoy your craft work!