Stuck for something to do over the Christmas/New Year Break?

If you are lucky enough to be on holiday between Christmas and New Year and are stuck for something to do why not awaken your inner child and make some fabric paper?  I attach details of how below, –  the materials you will need can be found lying around the house.

Materials: Left over wrapping paper, tissue paper (plain or coloured), decorative bags (some shops give you these), magazine cuttings, fabric scraps (thin fabric works best), digital images, scanned images. Cut these up into small pieces.

A piece of net curtain/muslin

Good PVA glue

Some acrylic paint

Some torn pieces of tissue paper

Cut up a piece of muslin into a square shape and cover it with a thick layer of PVA glue. Put the torn pieces of paper on to the gluey muslin, pressing them in with your fingers – yes, be prepared to get really messy!  Don’t allow the glue to get dry – be quick and spontaneous.  Add another layer of glue and then press in the pieces of torn tissue paper leaving some areas free of tissue paper. Some of the tissue paper will crease but this is the effect you’re aiming to create. Mix some acryclic paint with water (make it quite dilute) and dribble some paint over the fabric paper while the glue is still wet, again leaving some areas free of paint.  Pick up the fabric paper and leave it somewhere to dry – it will drip so watch your surfaces – I usually place it over the bath and put old towels on the floor and in the bath.

Once you’ve made the fabric paper what do you do with it?  I make jewellery – see pics below – but if you’re a card maker it makes ideal backgrounds for cards.  Once dry it can be cut and decorated either with stitching or other embellishments.

Have fun!

Hand made jewellery from fabric paper
Hand made jewellery from fabric paper
What you can do with fabric paper