It is probably not the first time that I will use this title for one of my blogs as a lot of the ‘ingredients’ for my work come from charity shops/thrift stores.  I found these beads in a charity shop and fell in love with them even though I disliked the design and the way they were put together.  So I pulled them apart and made this necklace and earrings which I called ‘A Touch of Eastern Promise’ as they reminded me of Turkish Delight.

Now is a good time to visit charity shops/thrift stores as they are full of jewellery people have discarded while having a ‘New Year sort out’.  I have learned to look beyond the design (experienced charity shop hunters are probably well aware of this) and look at the beads themselves.  I once bought a necklace because it had a single bead that I liked the look of.  So, take a really good look and if the price is right buy the necklace/earrings, bracelet and take it apart for its components.

Charity shops are also a good place to buy chain which is expensive when bought from suppliers.  So get hunting and have some fun!

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Gold Leaves and Red Berries
Gold Leaves and Red Berries

I hope you all had a good Christmas/New Year break – I expect it all seems a long time ago now that all the decorations have been put away for another year. It is difficult to find much colour at this time of year so over the holiday I decided to do a project that involved using colour.  Back in October (see post Celebrate Mysterious Autumn) I made some gold leaves from fabric paper and put them aside in a little jar on my craft table whilst I busied myself with other things (making Christmas presents)  They were looking rather reproachfully at me saying ‘do something with me’. So over the holiday I made a necklace, a brooch, some earrings and a bracelet all based on the theme of the gold leaves – to which I added some bright red beads and some small brown glass flowers.  The result is a bright cheerful set of jewellery which is just what I needed to start the New Year.