It is probably not the first time that I will use this title for one of my blogs as a lot of the ‘ingredients’ for my work come from charity shops/thrift stores.  I found these beads in a charity shop and fell in love with them even though I disliked the design and the way they were put together.  So I pulled them apart and made this necklace and earrings which I called ‘A Touch of Eastern Promise’ as they reminded me of Turkish Delight.

Now is a good time to visit charity shops/thrift stores as they are full of jewellery people have discarded while having a ‘New Year sort out’.  I have learned to look beyond the design (experienced charity shop hunters are probably well aware of this) and look at the beads themselves.  I once bought a necklace because it had a single bead that I liked the look of.  So, take a really good look and if the price is right buy the necklace/earrings, bracelet and take it apart for its components.

Charity shops are also a good place to buy chain which is expensive when bought from suppliers.  So get hunting and have some fun!

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