How to Make Hoar Frost pendant – or something similar

Below are instructions for making the fabric/bead pendant featured in my last blog. This method can be used to make a pendant in whatever colours you choose.

You will need: two squares of plain fairly strong fabric (I have used calico); Stazon ink; a stamp such as those used for card making; some sequins; some rocaille beads; some iron on interfacing; some thin cord (I have used hemp cord); some metallic thread; two lengths of fairly strong silver wire; two calotte crimps; necklace fastenings.

Method: Iron a piece of plain fabric on to some iron on interfacing (such as can be bought in haberdashery shops) placing a piece of greaseproof paper between the fabric and the iron to prevent scorching.  Cut the fabric plus interfacing into two squares approximately one inch by one inch – one for the front of the pendant, one for the back.   Stamp one of the squares (which will be the front)  with Stazon ink in your design and colour of choice;  Sew sequins on to the square that has been stamped;  Sew the two squares of fabric together using the metallic thread – blanket stitch is best.  Once the squares have been stitched together sew some rocaille beads around the edge;  Make two holes in the square a little way from the top and an equal distance from each side. Put the lengths of silver wire through the holes and make wrapped loops on each side. 

Then take the two lengths of hemp cord and put them through the two loops of wire one on each side – double. To estimate how much cord you will need measure the length of the necklace and double it.  The cord is then knotted with beads. Make one knot close to the wire loop joining the two strands of cord together. Thread 3 small beads on to the left strand of cord. Make a knot to join the two strands of cord together. Then thread 3 small beads on to the right strand of cord. Make another knot to join the two strands together. Continue until the cord is the desired length and tie a double knot at the end to join the two strands together. Cover the knot with a calotte crimp. Do the same on the other side of the necklace, again covering the end knot with a calotte crimp. Attach necklace fastenings to the two crimps.

This is a good way to use up left over scraps of fabric and also beads. The pendant is light and comfortable to wear.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Until next time …..




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