About Craftyrobinjewels

Art is a constant journey of discovery.

I have always been a creative person.  When I was little I was always drawing and I also loved embroidery and all types of sewing.

I write this blog to share my love of jewellery making and all things creative with others.  I have been making jewellery since the 1980s when I bought a little bag of wooden beads from a local craft store.  One afternoon’s ‘beading’ and I was hooked!  I am completely self taught and exploration into the world of mixed media has brought a new dimension to my jewellery.  I now use pressed flowers, quirky vintage items, buttons, textiles and fabric paper to make my designs which are all unique.

A series of tutorial articles for Beads and Beyond magazine proved a challenge at first, but once I got stuck in I really started to enjoy it, so some of my blogs try to be ‘tutorial in content’.

I welcome questions/comments as I am always trying to improve and make my blogs better.

My e-mail is henrietta.white1@btinternet.com – that’s if you don’t fancy filling in the contact form.



Feedback welcome!

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